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If your arlcites are

Author PRbK58WV

#1 | Posted: 25 Dec 2016 23:23 
If your arlcites are always this helpful, "I'll be back."

Author ve3Hon5oRM

#2 | Posted: 7 May 2017 18:00 
Elise · This might sound silly as everyone is naming their significant other or family as someone who makes them feel most loved. Generally, that's true for me as well! But last week, one of my co-workers (and best friends) made me feel so very loved. She knew I wasn't having a good day, so she sptuoaneonsly brought me my favorite drink from Starbucks. Silly, but incredibly considerate! I like the "Love is a choice" print

Author FerminRor

#3 | Posted: 30 Jun 2017 06:10 
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Author FerminRor

#4 | Posted: 4 Jul 2017 14:26 
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Author IssacAdode

#5 | Posted: 8 Jul 2017 15:32 
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